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Исполнитель: Natali Lyon

Автор текста: Natali Lyon

Автор музыки: Natali Lyon

Жанр:Джаз, блюз, Соул

Размещено: 5 мая 2023 19:20

To become a bird just to fly one day
Do you think that it could be real?
It is so hard for me only to explain
What heartache,nothing more
Through the years that pass everyone finds out
Nothing in this world is eternal but
Just i hope that you only think
Is there a sense to be invincible?
Just imagine that you can catch your time
Oh would your soul like it?
Understand yourself and please do not forget
That is what we all only need
Following your aim every day and night
No matter how much time it will take
Understand your world and just do not give up
Your soul will always call your name
Call your name

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